The main aim of our meta-phenomics approach is to build a large database containing the environmental responses of circa 40 growth-related variables for a wide range of plant species. This database will then be used to answer the following questions:
    1. How do plants respond to 12 of the most important environmental constraints? That is: what is the form of the dose-response curve and to what extent can we order the magnitude of the responses for the various environmental factors from marginally plastic to highly plastic?
    2. Are there systematic differences among groups of species in the dose-response curves (either among functional groups of species or between families?
    3. What are the interactions between various environmental factors in their effect on the various plant traits?
The database currently consists of >800 experiments on >900 species. We hope that this approach not only will serve as a benchmark for future and comprehensive phenotyping efforts in the field of plant breeding and agriculture, but will also represent a very valuable tool per se in understanding the integrated response of plants to their environment, for example in the light of global change.