Articles on (Meta)-Phenomics

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2012 Poorter H, Bühler J, Van Dusschoten D, Climent J, Postma JA Pot size matters: a meta-analysis of the effects of rooting volume on plant growth. Funct. Plant Biol. 39: 839-850 link
2012 Poorter H Meta-Phenomics, horticulture and the value of plant trait databases. Acta Hortic. 956: 317-325 pdf
2012 Poorter H, Niklas KJ, Reich PB & 3 co-authors Biomass allocation to leaves, stems and roots: meta-analyses of interspecific variation and environmental control. New Phytol. 193: 30-50 link
2010 Poorter H, Niinemets Ü, Walter A, Fiorani F, Schurr U A method to construct dose-response curves for a wide range of environmental factors and plant traits by means of a meta-analysis of phenotypic data. J. Exp. Bot. 61: 2043-2055 link
2009 Poorter H, Niinemets Ü, Poorter L, Wright IJ, Villar R Causes and consequences of variation in leaf mass per area (LMA): a meta-analysis. New Phytol. 182: 565-588 link

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